What is Laptop Mobsta?

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

(The following is from the description of my Youtube page. Naturally any and all rules I’ve applied myself are subject to change.)

What is LaptopMobsta?

LaptopMobsta is my brainchild, or possibly demon. The name is actually referencing the Philip Defranco Show, when Phil calls trolls “Laptop Gangsta”s. I like the idea, except I personally feel that “gangsta” is overused, and, also, I’m white and would sound ridiculous trying to call myself a gangsta, even if it is of the laptop origin.

My priority is to have this channel display balanced information on a variety of subjects. This means it’s a channel where I talk about what ever is on my mind at the moment, and will at least make one to two videos that are as unbiased as possible.

The “variety”, is extremely open right now, and I will accept ideas on what to take about, and these could include videos on politics, technology, culture, etc. Virtually anything I feel like I should talk about. This is subject to change in the future, if I find a niche to make myself comfortable in. I have no plans to do so in the immediate future however.

I plan on doing videos in series and will have (usually) the following format:

Video (1): Unbiased, pure information. I will try to make this as even as I possibly can.

Video (2): More information, probably in a more advanced form.

Video (2 or 3): My personal opinion,

Note: The idea is to keep these videos short and to the point, maybe 2.30, to 3 minutes.

I am planning, if possible, to become a partner with Youtube. I will not be using ads when I do become one. I intend to survive and improve my show purely off donations or purchases from my products (of which, I have none). The link(s) can be found below.


As you can tell, this is not my Youtube page. This is my long term temporary webpage. I may upgrade to an actual website someday, but there isn’t anything in the making. This blog is going to be designed to further entertain, and hopefully inform in ways, my fans. I intend to use it to expand ideas, arguments, information and opinions that are may not make it into my youtube videos.¬†Alternatively, it could be used to prepare myself for future video subjects, or even include random rants, thoughts etc that I never intend to put on my channel.

Also, while you’re here. I plan on using my other social networking pages to both ask questions about subjects, possibly for future videos, give you information I found interesting, and of course, update you about my life, even though you don’t care.

Youtube: Youtube.com/Laptopmobsta

Facebook: Facebook.com/laptopmobsta

Twitter: Twitter.com/laptopmobsta

Donations encouraged at: tinyurl.com/laptopmobstadonate


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